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The StormPod system offers the distinct advantage and versatility to be designed as an open bottom detention or retention system that allows storm water runoff to infiltrate into the underlying soils. Using the StormPod Infiltrator System enables treatment of the storm water through the underlying soils, reduces the amount of runoff volume and pollutants leaving the site, and allows the runoff to recharge the groundwater supply meeting Low LID requirements.


The Aquifer provides additional water storage capacity to the StormPod Infiltrator System. As water fills the structure it seeps through the joints between arches filling the stone voids in the Aquifer. As the water drains from the structure and the water level lowers, the water in the stone voids drains from the Aquifer back into the structure. The Aquifers also allow water that infiltrates down from the surface directly above the structure to pass vertically through the system infiltrating directly into the soil. Click here for more information about the Aquifer Advantage.
Pre-Treatment Chamber:

The StormPod Infiltrator can be designed with an integral pre-treatment chamber that provides a permanent pool of water creating a water trap that contains sediment and floating debris (trash, oil, etc.), preventing them from advancing to the open bottom chamber clogging voids in the stone bed.  


No other storm water management system can match the StormPod Infiltrator’s ease of maintenance. It is the only system on the market that provides a single open chamber no matter what the configuration of the system. Unlike other systems, the StormPod Infiltrator has ample inside headroom allowing maintenance crews total accessibility throughout the system.
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