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StormPod is a modular, single-chambered, precast concrete groined arch system that is engineered for underground installation. StormPod utilizes a proven arch design to provide the lowest cost system with the highest strength and durability.

StormPod’s patented fiber-reinforced, ribbed-shell design is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Each module is AASHTO HL93 rated with 12” cover from top of arch to finish grade, and can support fill depths up to 35’ with the standard design. Deeper fills can be accommodated if needed.

Specifications and Standard Details

StormPod will maximize your land space by storing and treating stormwater runoff underground. This frees up valuable land space for buildings, parking lots and green space. The StormPod system is a versatile modular system which can be used to meet a variety of stormwater management requirements, including:

  • Detention/Retention
  • Infiltration
  • Delaware Style Sand Filters
  • DC Style Sand Filters
  • Bioretention
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Treatment Train (Combine multiple systems into one)

  • 50% less material than other concrete systems.
  • Designed for HL93 loading at 1’ of fill and up to 35’ of fill.
  • 100+ year service life.
  • External Aquifers provide additional storage capacity.
  • Internal joints sealed for watertightness (no exterior liners required).
  • Modules create a single open chamber with no lateral obstructions for easy maintenance.
  • Direct manway access makes inspections and maintenance easy.
  • Modular units can create endless configurations for site-specific designs.
  • Light-weight modules eliminate the need for a large crane to install.
  • 50% reduction in installation time due to attached base section.
  • 2’ to 18’ interior heights. 
  • No concrete foundations required.
The Aquifer Advantage:

The Aquifer, which is located on the exterior of the structure, is a hyperbolic funnel that is filled with #57 stone. It is formed by the exterior shape of the arch when multiple arches are joined together. Below is a list of benefits provided by the Aquifer.

  • Structural - When filled with #57 stone, the Aquifer distributes the live loads applied to the top of the arch, through the stone to the adjacent modules. The loads that transfer down through the stone have both a vertical and horizontal component causing the stone to compress and interlock forming a cohesive mass. This stone mass prevents the formation of a vertical shear plane, eliminating the possibility of differential settlement between modules, and minimizing live loads distributed to the sub-base. 

  • Drainage - With a drain hole at its base, the Aquifer allows water to drain down between modules to the porous sub-base below the structure. This natural drain prevents the ponding of water on top of the structure extending its service life, while also providing hydraulic relief under pavements and favorable drainage in medians.

  • Storage - The Aquifer provides additional water storage capacity to a detention or retention system. As water fills the structure it seeps through the joints between arches filling the stone voids in the Aquifer. As the water drains from the structure and the water level lowers, the water in the stone voids drains from the Aquifer back into the structure.

  • Treatment - The Aquifer can be filled with a bio-filtration media forming a planting pocket that is large enough to accommodate large bushes or small trees. This allows the StormPod system to placed under parking lot medians or used for rain-gardens and bioretention systems to help meet LID demands.
Easy Maintenance:

No other storm water management system can match StormPod’s ease of maintenance. It is the only system on the market that truly provides a single open chamber no matter what the configuration of the system. Where other systems have interior walls that restrict the movement of maintenance crews within their structure, the StormPod system has no lateral obstructions allowing maintenance crews to move throughout the structure freely, thus reducing the future maintenance costs. 

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