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The StormGarden® Biofilter is a Low Impact Development (LID) solution for stormwater treatment. It is a micro-bioretention system that has been optimized for high flow treatment of stormwater runoff, resulting in a small footprint that can be used in parking lots, streetscapes and landscaped areas.
Specifications and Standard Details
Why is StormGarden different from other tree box filters? 

StormGarden has a unique filter panel that serves two purposes. First it allows treated water to infiltrate into the surrounding soils to recharge the groundwater supply and reduce the stormwater runoff volume. Second, the filter panel allows the structure to completely drain between storm events which eliminates the possibility of an anaerobic condition occurring within the filter media. Typically with other systems the invert of the underdrain pipe sits at least 2" above the finish floor, due to the pipe elbow, causing water to pond at the bottom of the filter thus causing an anaerobic condition which promotes harmful bacterial growth.

• Hi-flow media results in reduced filter areas and small footprint
• Unique filter panel reduces runoff volume and promotes groundwater recharge
• Improved drain-down design prevents bacteria growth and Nitrogen release
• StormGarden is delivered to the job site completely outfitted making installation quick and easy
• 1st year maintenance is free with each unit

Available Options:

• External or Internal Bypass
• Side or End Inlet
• Multi-chamber Systems w/ Pre-treatment Chamber 
• Roof Drain Systems
• Outlet/Junction Chamber
• Boxless Filters

Expected Pollutant Removal:

• Total Suspended Solids (TSS) > 85%
• Total Phosphorous > 53%
• Total Copper > 59%
• Dissolved Copper > 28%
• Total Zinc > 74%
• Dissolved Zinc > 49%
• Oil & Grease > 34%

*Based on 3rd party field studies.

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