Delaware Sandfilter System

The Delaware Sandfilter system is a low profile system placed mainly at the perimeter of parking lots to capture sheet-flow runoff through grates cast into the top slabs. It consists of two side-by-side 4' wide chambers with flow-ports between them to equalize water flow. our patented shroud design traps floating trash and oils and sediment in the pretreatment chamber while allowing cleaner water through to the filter chamber where it flows through the filter media to the outlet pipe. 

Capture Sheet Flow

Grass Areas

Removable Top Slabs

Structures are typically installed in parking lots with top slabs flush to finished grade. Exposed top slabs come with either grates, manhole covers or hatches cast-in as needed. All slabs are HS-20 traffic rated.
Structures are commonly installed in grassy areas.
Top slabs are removable which makes the installation of the filter media as well as future maintenance easier.

Flow-port Shroud

Internal Baffle Walls

Bolted Connection

The flow-port shroud traps floating debris and oils as well as sediment in the pre-treatment chamber protecting the filter media and thus extending the life of the filter media.
Internal baffle walls are installed to seperate internal chambers. the baffle walls can be customized to include control orifices and bypass weirs.
Base sections are bolted together to prevent seperation of sections over time.

Base Section Heights

Sloped Extensions

Sidewall Knockout Panels

Standard base sections come in both 60 inch and 36 inch inside height.
Seperate top extensions are stacked on top of the base sections to increase the inside height to 132 inches. the top extensions can be cast with a sloped surface to match a sloped grade.
36" x 36" knockout panels are located on the sidewall of each base section. The wall thickness is reduced allowing the contractor to core or sawcut pipe openings where required.

Install w/ Excavator

Sandfilter Media

Cartridge Media Systems

Sections are light enough where the entire structure can be installed with the contractor's excavator eliminating the need and cost of a crane.
This system can be used as a sandfilter structure.
This system can be used as a sandfilter structure.
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