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A Little About Rotondo

Rotondo Environmental Solutions provides precast concrete modular solutions for stormwater management systems. RES partners with clients around the country to create sustainable, durable, and long lasting precast concrete modular systems.

Precast concrete modular construction has become the building method of choice for a variety of engineers, owners and developers who seek optimum life-cycle cost results due to:

  • Speed—construction completion schedules are reduced by months with modular solutions.

  • Strength—precast concrete modular construction is ideal for high traffic zones and weather risk locations. 

  • Durability—RES’s precast concrete modular solutions are resilient to prevent early deterioration, while withstanding heavy traffic and severe use. 

  • Sustainability—RES’s products incorporate the core elements of sustainable construction including environmentally effective use of local materials and resources. 

RES specializes in adapting a concrete modular solution to meet the client’s design intent and requirements. RES’s local manufacturing model provides an efficient and time saving method of construction. Producing the modules near the project site enhances communication and collaboration between RES, the general contractor, the engineer, and the owner of the facility.

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